Our Services

Below you can find an overview of the services Sherman Pharmacy offers. Sherman Pharmacy hope you enjoy having us as your friendly neighborhood pharmacy. 

The benefits?

Just a few of our benefits:

  • No more wasting time in pharmacy lines
  • No hassle, we get your prescription right from your doctor
  • Existing refills can be easily transferred
  • Relax while we bring prescriptions to your door
  • Leave your doctor and go straight home to your family or back to work without delay
  • Minimize exposure to germs in crowded pharmacies

Medication Therapy Management

Sherman Pharmacy offers medication therapy management services to ensure your taken care of. 

Compliance Packaging

Sherman Pharmacy provides fully compliant packaging for special needs such as assisted living.

  • Increases medication adherence for you—adherence rates of 90% were seen in the STOMPP study
  • Improves patients outcomes—decrease in blood pressure and HbA1c seen in patients using multimed blister card packaging compared with traditional pill vials
  • Made from high quality raw materials providing an attractive appearance and durability. Standard cards are available in 7 day, 31 day calendar and 31 day countdown designs. 


At Sherman Pharmacy, we care about being fair and competitive, which is why we offer general price matching.

Sherman Pharmacy will match the cash price for generic prescription drugs that meet the following criteria:

  • The drug is not a “brand” drug
  • The drug meets our dispensing formulary guidelines found in our Terms of Service
  • The drug is not a controlled substance
  • The price is a cash pay price, not a copay, coinsurance or other insurance-derived pricing
  • We are able to obtain the price

If the price match request meets the above guidelines Sherman Pharmacy will reach out to the competing pharmacy and verify the price. The pharmacy must verify the price in order for it to be honored.


Sherman Pharmacy provides free delivery for prescriptions, and fast fill times so you can spend less time waiting when it’s crucial.

Enjoy all the same services as your local drugstore – with prescription medications hand-delivered directly to you by friendly Sherman Pharmacy drivers.