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Compounding has long been used by pharmacists as a basic pharmacy service. It is considered the art and science of customizing prescription medications based from the patients’ special needs. Compounding services are done by mixing specific ingredients together to produce a medication that characterizes a specific dosage and strength. This is a common resort by patients who are given medicine prescriptions not sold in the market.

Long before the emergence of mass-produced medications and drugs, almost all prescriptions are compounded. Not until the introduction of technology that evolved pharmacy to become a mere medicine closet as what is the most misconceived notion today. Some pharmacists, on the other hand, are no longer trained to do compounding. This generalization of the patients’ needs cause some of these demands to be met halfway. The same applies that not all pharmacy centers nowadays don’t offer compounding services.

At Sherman Pharmacy, we believe in the importance of compounding and the basic role it plays in meeting the healthcare needs of every patient. We offer the following specialty medication services as listed below. Please click on each item to learn more about them.

Our Compounding Services

Consider Sherman Pharmacy for your next compounding request. To know more about Compounding specialties.

Specialty Compounding
At Sherman Pharmacy we specialize in various kinds of compounding services, please feel free to explore these pages to find the information you are looking for:

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